The bond between mother and daughter is unique. Whether we’re talking about a birthday or any other day, mothers want to show their feelings for their daughters.

And if you find it hard to say the words when you need to send a special message to your child and say to yourself “I don’t have the inspiration to write a few lines for my daughter“, we’ve got you covered. Discover these 45 heartfelt messages to show your daughter how much you love her.

Loving Words for my daughter

Loving Words for my daughter

When you become a mother, your whole life changes because you experience a kind of love you’ve never experienced before. Words certainly come harder when you want to express the intense feelings you have for your daughter. Below we have prepared 5 messages for your daughter, full of touching words and full of parental love. A special gift are these words for my daughter.

  1. My daughter, in my eyes there is no one who equals you. I cannot describe in words what I feel for you, but I can tell you that I wish that life will surprise you only with wonderful things and dear people.
  2. My dearest daughter, all I want is to see you happy. I pray for your smooth path in life and strong health. If you need a place, where you can receive love and understanding, that place is my embrace.
  3. You are my treasure in life. I have done many things wrong in life, but one thing I have done right is that I gave birth to you.
  4. My girl, I fondly remember the days of carrying you in my arms through the park. Nothing was more beautiful than the way you discovered the world. I’m glad I’ve been able to be with you so far, and I hope the future allows us to be close.
  5. My dear, never forget that you are braver than you feel, more beautiful than you see, smarter than you think, funnier than you count yourself. I love you like you can’t imagine!

Quotes for my daughter

Quotes for my daughter

Throughout the ages even famous mothers have publicly expressed the pure feelings they have for their daughters. Having a daughter is all the more touching because the mother-daughter bond is unbreakable, in spite of all the problem’s life brings. If you want to send a unique message to your child, you can take inspiration from some daughter quotes I’ve chosen for you.

  1. “A daughter is a miracle that never ceases to be wonderful, full of beauty and always pure, loving and caring, but also truly extraordinary.” – Deanna Beisser
  2. “You were once a lovely little girl. Now, I see a beautiful, intelligent woman going through life with confidence and wisdom. I am so happy and proud of the person you have become. ” – Anonymous
  3. “In the book of my life, you are the brightest chapter. I thank God every day for giving me a truly remarkable daughter.” – Anonymous
  4. “One important thing I want my daughter to know is that if you are fortunate enough to have opportunities, it is your job to make sure others can have those opportunities.” – Kamala Harris
  5. “The one love that can never change in this world is the special love between mother and daughter. This is a love that has no limits, no beginning and no end. It is a love that only continues to grow with each passing day and never goes away.” – Anonymous

I love you my daughter

I love you my daughter

Saying I love you my daughter is not an easy thing, because often the emotions are so overwhelming that you can’t find the words. Choose one of the messages below to express your love for your daughter. Don’t forget to tell your daughter how much she means to you on any given day, regardless of whether it’s a birthday or not.

  1. I’m proud that you’re my daughter. Parenting is a mission that often seems impossible. When I suspect I understand you, something comes up that makes me rethink the way I look at you. Yet the love I bear you will always keep me by your side, no matter what happens. I love you, my beautiful and clever daughter!
  2. Watching you grow, watching you discover the world with me, then on your own – nothing could be more beautiful in life. The gift of parenthood is the most precious thing I could ever receive. I am and will always be here for you, even when you may feel that my advice won’t be enough to help you. I love you, my dear!
  3. There are so many reasons why I love you. You are my daughter, and our bond can never be broken. I also see myself in you when I was the same age as you. I want you to not be afraid to try what you want. Never let failures, insecurities and doubt stop you from seeing your dreams come true. Remember that I will be with you every step of the way. I love you, my daughter!
  4. The years will pass, and I will grow old, but my love for you will never change. You will have hundreds of friends and fall in love many times, but I will be your best friend who will love you no matter what. I will always be right here and help you through anything with my love. Never forget how much I love you, my darling daughter.
  5. You are my miracle and my joy. I knew I would love you the first time I held you in my arms. The love between us, mother and daughter, will never leave us. I know there were times when you may have wished you understood yourself better. Being a parent is hard enough and I’m sorry that I couldn’t be exactly what you would have wanted, but I’m sure you always felt that I loved you and wished you nothing but the best. I’m glad I can say that you are my daughter. I love you!

Happy birthday wishes for my daughter

Daughter’s birthday is an emotional time for any mother, realizing how far her offspring has come. A birthday message from mom will make the celebration more beautiful and special for daughter. Here are some happy birthday wishes for my daughter below.

  1. Happy birthday, my baby! May you have only wonderful things, good health and good people! May your face radiate with happiness and your soul with fulfillment!
    May your life be as clear as the morning, as warm as a summer’s day and as bitter honey. Happy birthday, my dear daughter!
  2. My daughter, may you have all the warmth of mankind, an ocean of health and all the flowers of the world gathered in the most beautiful bouquet. Happy birthday to you!
  3. My beloved daughter, I am proud that you have a combination of the best qualities a woman should have: kindness, affection, sensitivity and all of these are complemented by a ravishing beauty and an amazing good mood. Happy birthday!
  4. Enjoy every moment of your life, let all dreams come true as soon as possible, all hardships be easily overcome and most importantly – don’t argue with fate, but don’t rely on it alone either. Always strive to be free as a bird. Happy Birthday!
  5. Today, on my birthday, I also come with a wish of good luck and health and achievements in everything! May your wishes come true, love blossom, happiness only be and enormous joy. Much happiness, my girl! Happy happy birthday!
  6. Another year has passed and you have become more beautiful, more kind, more loving, my daughter. May every day your joys grow like your soul. Happy Happy Birthday!

  7. On the day that comes on your doorstep, I wish you all the dearest and most beautiful things in the world! Happy birthday, my girl!
  8. I don’t know how such a little girl can generate so much energy, but I do know how you create so much happiness in my life by being the most adorable, wonderful and amazing daughter in the world. Happy birthday to you!

Birthday letter to my daughter

With the digital age, letters have become old-fashioned, and people have stopped corresponding the way they have for hundreds of years. However, it’s a heartwarming feeling when you open your birthday mailbox and discover that inside is a letter from a loved one. For mums who have the thought “I want to send a letter to my daughter for her birthday” in their mind, we have prepared a mini list of several loving messages below.

  1. My dear daughter, I remember when you were born you were a baby. Many years have passed since then. You have grown so much, dear daughter, you have achieved so many victories and I am enormously proud of you. May you be gentle as a spring flower and let the fruits of your labour shine like tomnatic gold, and may your soul always be pure as the first snow. Happy birthday, my dear daughter!
  2. My dear, in your path may you meet beautiful things as in stories, may you not miss the joys, a smile all be always. Happy birthday to you! Love, mother!
  3. Love, my dear, and be loved. May you add more warm colors to your life’s palette. You’re like a morning – always beautiful. May you celebrate each day of your life as a grand event. Love, your mother!
  4. I always dreamed of you being the happiest and bravest. Dear daughter, I wish with all my heart that you will have inexhaustible energy all your life, that you will always feel the ground beneath your feet, but continue to dream and strive to always conquer new heights. I wish that the stories in your dreams come true. Happy birthday, my beloved daughter! Love, your beloved mother!
  5. Today is such a sunny morning. I’ve prepared your favorite bouquet of flowers in a crystal vase and your favorite cake. You’re big enough already, but I still want to surround you with care and attention. Before the guests gather and the celebration begins, I want to hug you and say “Happy Birthday, my daughter! Be happy every day of your life!”

To my daughter, with love

There is nothing like motherly love, as it is there from the moment the baby is in the womb and remains until the end of life. As a mother, you want to show your baby that you love them by sending a simple message. To give you some inspiration, here are some messages you can sign at the end “to my daughter with love” for added excitement.

  1. My dear daughter, I loved you from the moment I knew you were on your way, I loved you more when I heard your heart beat for the first time, I loved you from the first minute you were born. When I saw your face and you took my hand, that’s when I knew that from that moment on, I would lay down my life for you. Love, Mother.
  2. My dear daughter, I have an enchanted chest that contains a little treasure that can be compared to none. That treasure is you, who grew up in my arms, gave me your first smile, called me mother and gave me love without expecting anything in return.
  3. Dear daughter, all I want is for you to find happiness in life. I want you to have a smooth path ahead and iron health. If you ever need a shoulder to cry on, my hugs will always be there to give you all the love, tenderness and support you need. Love, your mother.
  4. My dear daughter, I never thought life would seem incomplete without you, but here I am, I can’t imagine happiness without my child. You are the dearest gift life has ever given me. Your smiles, joys and hugs are enough to remind me that life is, in fact, beautiful with loved ones. I hope we have many more beautiful moments together, and I’m sure nothing that can ever happen can ever separate us. Love, your beloved mother.
  5. My dear daughter, I am glad to be your parent. Nothing in life could have prepared me for becoming a mother, but here I am so far, and I hope you have felt the love we share for each other. I’m proud of you and I know you’ll be able to do whatever you want. Love, Mom.

Words to my daughter

Each of us has more hectic or stressful days for different reasons. At such times, a few nice thoughts make us smile and lift our spirits. If you want to show your daughter how much you love her, below is a selection of some extremely beautiful lines for my daughter.

  1. I know things weren’t always pretty. Until you came into my life, I didn’t know what parenting would be like. While you were learning to talk or play, I was learning what it meant to take care of you, protect you and pass on to you everything I thought would help you in life. I’m glad I can still be with you now, and I hope our relationship will remain as warm and special as it has been.
  2. You are the greatest blessing God has given me. Angels will always protect you because you are a dream come true.
  3. A child is not just a member of the family, it is a part of the parent’s soul. My daughter, I feel you close to me even when we are not close. I enjoy the memories we have together and look forward to you coming home again.
  4. My dear, thank you for everyday we spent together, every smile and hug I received from you. Your childhood, being able to watch you grow up, those were the best moments of my life. Being a parent has taught me that love is a feeling that brings you closer and makes you want to be the best you can be for the other person. I’m glad I can say I have such a beautiful and smart daughter like you.
  5. You were once a little girl running around the playground looking for flowers and smiles. Now you’re a beautiful, smart, kind woman. I’m so glad I got to watch you grow up before my eyes, and more than that, I’m glad I’m a part of your life now.


Having a daughter is something very special and it’s natural to get emotional when you have to send a beautiful message to your own child.

You can choose any time from the 45 messages above, depending on when you want those lines to reach your daughter. Don’t worry about getting it wrong in any way, because simple, loving words are the ones that will make the biggest impression on your daughter.

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