Poetry is an art of its own, one that has intrigued people since ancient times. It is a way to express thoughts and ideas in ways that traditional prose cannot.

Poetry allows for the creation of vivid imagery, strong emotions and meaningful messages that readers can internalize and interpret in their own ways. Its power lies not only in its ability to be understood by readers but also to evoke powerful reactions from them.

The structure of poetry adds another dimension to it as well. Unlike prose, which typically follows a straightforward format, poems often have fewer words per line or no line breaks at all.

This freedom gives poets the opportunity to break out of conventional molds and create something new that speaks directly to the hearts of their audience members.

What is a poem and how to write one

A poem is a form of art, but it is far more than just words written on paper. A poem can be a reflection of emotion, or an exploration of the complexities of life. The beauty in poetry lies in its ability to capture those thoughts and feelings that are difficult to express in other forms.

Writing a poem can be intimidating, especially for someone new to the craft. However, with some guidance and creativity, anyone can learn how to write their own poem. Begin by deciding what type of poem you would like to create—do you want it to rhyme, or will it be free verse?

Once you have decided this, brainstorm topics that mean something special to you such as experiences you had growing up or memories from your childhood.

Poem about the nature

Nature’s beauty is here to behold,
Its colors burst vividly, so bold;
A paradise for all to explore,
From flowers sweet and animales galore.

The sky above a motherly blue,
Inhale deeply, it’s fragrance too;
The wind from the trees softly whisper,
Mysteriously calling us hither.

Poem about what is life

Life is a sweet melody that plays its songs,
Filled with joy and sorrow, darkness and light.
The booms of thunder and the warbling of birds in flight,
A balance of  highs and lows, day and night.

Without an ending it’s a never-ending ride,
Filled with sadness at moments yet happiness inside.
We’ll take the good with bad living each choice we make,
and never linger on regrets for our lives to take.

Poem about life

Life is a canvas with beauty to see,
It’s filled with joys and sorrows evermore,
It’s up to us to make the best of what we be,
And reach our goals until we’ve reached the shore.

We laugh, we cry – a rollercoaster ride,
Relish in moments that make us feel alive,
Follow your heart and put it all aside,
Live life true and never compromise.

Poem about justice

Justice is like the morning sun,
Welcoming a new day begun;
A radiant measure of fairness,
Giving truth and honesty its due care.

From rulers to peers, it provides protection divine,
Keeping all accountable across space and time;
Its firm hand keeps us in check,
And commands respect.

Poem about hindi

Hindi, the language so divine
It takes me down memory lane
Takes me to my younger days
To where I’d sing, dance and play

The music of life that it reigns  
Brings back forgotten old pains
Still Hindu is close to my heart
Made this emotion so part.

Poem about sadness

Sadness creeps like a fog,
Blanketing the thoughts in my mind.
My heart clings to its pain each day,
Each night I can’t help but mourn.

Shattered emotions pull me back,
A recurring vision of gray clouds above.
I am left alone with my anguish and fear,
Lost and trying to seek solace in vain.

Poem about england

England is where I call home,
With rolling hills and a bountiful loam.
A country with so much to behold,
From big cities our culture has been told.

Lush landscapes, where primordial forests fly high in the sky,
Where wild creatures roam without a care why,
The red rose of England holds true prestige and grace,
This is why my heart has found its place.

Poem about romance

My heart grows soft, when I look in your eyes,
Creating a stir of romantic butterflies.
Love rising up like the sun’s morning light,
Explosions of bliss, a sensation so right.

We kiss and make time stand still,
Rekindling an emotion few could ever refil.
Fulfilling a passion, only we can share,
Romance ignites love with no compare.

Poem about love

Love isn’t always measured in grand gestures,
For it’s found in the happy adventures
We stumble upon each and every day.
So don’t forget to look its way.

Sometimes our love won’t remain so strong,
Among the sorrows that can come along.
But just know that it will weather any storm,
And together you’ll stay safe and warm.

Poem about friendship

Friends lend us a helping hand  
Closer than family, they understand  
Offering love and a listening ear
To celebrate our joys and cheer

Offering comfort when sadness attends  
Strength and courage they help extend  
Laughter and smiles, they abound    
Friendships forever have no bounds.

Poem about friends

Friends are like a treasure,
We can’t find without measure.
In our lives they lend a hand,
Lifting us up when we have no stand,

Sharing in life they support us so much.
Real friends give such a gentle touch,  
Helping us through our darkest hour.
Our friendship will always remain strong forever!

Poem – Loving your friend

A friend so close, I can claim her as mine,
A heart of gold shines steadily through time
From every struggle we share in our tears
In every joy, a soulmate appears.

My cherished one I love more each day
Through laughter and sorrows that come our way
Her strength is great, her heart made of gold
Mine forever to keep and hold.

Without a doubt I’m blessed to know her soul
Her kindness was felt even while miles apart;
Little like ours, an unconditional bond stands true
Our friendship’s formed with deep rooted love anew.

Poem – Loving your neighbour

Neighbour of mine, I love thee divine  
in your spirit here I am keenly aware  
Your presence provides a ray of shine
In my life more clear and fare  

I cherish your kindness that’s truly sincere
Your loyalty is so pure, never to disappear  
I give thanks for your heart and soul endear
Please accept my love song year after year.

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