Before any marketing strategy is created, it should have some kind of analysis. If you have just started with content marketing, then it is not necessary that you have any analysis but it is better to have atleast some web traffic analysis of your website.

This will help you create a strategy which will bring the results you want. You can know whether the strategy which you want to implement is good or bad by analyzing the performance of your website. You can use this analysis to create a strategy which is best suited for your business.

If you already have a content marketing strategy, then you can use this analysis to check whether you are getting the result you want, or if not you can optimize as per your requirement.

Content marketing is all about quality content, so measure the quality of your content

Content marketing is all about quality content, so measure the quality of your content

And make sure it is liked by your customers and that they are sharing it on the web. Don’t write content just for the sake of writing it. A good quality content is one which is read. So measure the amount of time it takes for the customer to read and how much he or she enjoyed reading it.

The more your customers interact with your content, the well you are doing. So try to do an analysis of all these parameters and then formulate your strategy accordingly.

It is not hard to evaluate your content marketing strategy. Before starting any content marketing campaign, you must ask yourself these three questions:

  • Where am I going to promote my content?
  • Who is my audience?
  • What are my goals?

Once you identify the correct source and audience, you can put in place the right content marketing strategy. This question-answer session was a learning experience for all of us. We are now more confident and knowledgeable about good copywriting. We will keep on writing Quora answers on other topics. If you have any suggestions or questions regarding content marketing, feel free to drop us a comment. Image credit: Quora

You need to measure how effective your content marketing strategy is.

The only way to do this is to set up a content marketing dashboard. This must contain key performance indicators like traffic, leads, sales, bounce rate and conversion rate. Comparing these figures with your overall marketing strategy is the only way to evaluate your content marketing strategy. A/B split testing is one of the best ways to measure the results of your content marketing strategy.

Good content marketing strategy is a good investment for the future. You should find out how many people are reading your content, how much time they spend on it and how much revenue it delivers. To find out the number of your readers, you can use free online tools such as Google Analytics, Alexa and others.

To quantify the effectiveness of your content, you should conduct a small survey among your customers asking questions such as “How did you find our content?”, “Were the content useful?”, “Would you like to see the same content more often?”.

In order to evaluate your content marketing strategy, it is important to keep track of the measures that are required to have a successful campaign.

Here is a guide to help you evaluate your content marketing strategy:

Traffic – You need to track the number of monthly visitors on each page of your site and their demographics and interests.

Engagement – You need to track the number of readers who are reading your content and the time spent on each page. These figures will show you the level of interest in your site and the quality of the content that you are creating.

Content Analysis – Here you will want to look at how well people are responding to your social media posts and the number of shares and comments from your audience. You will also want to measure the interaction from your email marketing campaigns and the number of people who are signing up for your email list.

Revenue – You will want to track the money that you are making from each source so that you can adjust your strategies to work on the most profitable avenues.

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