It depends on the type of content shared. Sharing news from different sources is a good practice because it helps the users to get different views on any topic. It is even better when the content shared is from sources with different opinions. Sharing too much news can have a negative impact on anyone’s mental health.

If you spend the whole day sharing the news, then you might be a little less happy than people who don’t share news.

This is because you are reading about the traumatic things that are happening in the world. In the long run, this will make you less happy. If you just share the news that you find important, then you are less likely to be affected. But if you choose to share anything and everything, then you are at risk.

Social media is a wonder platform to share and gather information

Connect with friends and family and most of all, having fun! It also does a lot of harm. I recently read an article about a research that has been done. People who share more news on social media are said to be more depressed.

This is because the news that shared on social media is mostly negative and people are more prone to negativity. It is better to stay away from it till we have control over our minds.

Sharing news on social media can cause users’ mental health to suffer.

A study has revealed that people who use social media are more likely to be depressed than those who do not use it. It’s understandable that social media provides a platform for users to share their opinions, but the problem lies with the way some people react to users’ opinions.

Some social media users do not hesitate to insult their friends when they do not share their views. Social media has turned into a warfield, where people do not hesitate to insult each other. Things can get out of hand sometimes, especially if certain users insult a celebrity.

Social media has been linked to mental health problems. Why?

Well, when you are connected to everyone on the planet through a handheld device, you have to have a thick skin. Why?

Because the world is an ugly place and when put into the palm of your hand, the negativity of the world hits you right in the face. What makes it worse is that we are becoming immune to what we are seeing. The constant negative comments, fights, and arguments. It is literally destroying us as a society.

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