The 18th century was a period of tremendous upheaval and tragic events, but it also held signs of societal change, particularly in the life of Marie Antoinette. The queen of France rebelled against traditional royal strictures to become an elegant fashion icon.

Marie Antoinette’s influence on fashion began as soon as she set foot in Versailles. She brought with her the style of dress from her native Austrian court – a style that contrasted significantly from that favored at Versailles.

Instead of heavy fabrics and ornate dresses, Marie Antoinette embraced pastel colors, loose-fitting gowns and light fabrics such as muslin and lace for evening attire. This revolutionized French fashion overnight and ignited an industry around her singularly stylish wardrobe.

Marie Antoinette rebelled against royal strictures and became a fashion icon.

Marie Antoinette was a French queen who lived during the late 18th century. As a young woman, she often rebelled against the strictures of royalty, particularly in her dress.

She had an affinity for wearing elaborate gowns and headdresses that set her apart from her peers, and even scandalized some people at court. Her influence on fashion was so great that many people followed the trends she started, making them part of high society’s collective wardrobe.

Even today, Marie Antoinette remains an iconic figure in fashion history books thanks to her bold choices when it came to clothing and hairstyles.

Marie Antoinette also used fashion as a method of self-expression; by dressing differently than what was expected of someone in her position at the time, she sought to express herself as an individual and refused to be held down by royal expectations.

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