Aurora Borealis

The mystical and natural phenomenon, the Aurora Borealis, can be seen from all over the globe and offers stunning and fascinating views. This incredible natural phenomenon can be seen in polar regions and even temperate regions.

Covering the sky with vivid fountains of colour that change into a unique beauty, the Aurora Borealis can be a salutary spectacle for adults and children alike.

To better understand this natural phenomenon, in this article we explore what the Aurora Borealis is, how it forms, how we can see it, its effects on the environment and the benefits of observing it.

What is the Aurora Borealis?

The Aurora Borealis is a spectacular and amazing phenomenon produced by electrical energy generated by particles in the Sun moving towards the Earth. These particles are attracted to the Earth’s magnetic field, producing spectacular light and colour in the sky above the North Pole.

The phenomenon can be seen in the area around the North Pole, and specific colours can also be seen in other regions. Over the years many names have been given to this wonder, including ‘night rainbow’, ‘dancing sky’, ‘Lake St. Elmo’ and many others. The Aurora Borealis offers an unforgettable sight and can be a deeply moving experience for those who admire it.

How is the Aurora Borealis formed?

The Aurora Borealis is a spectacular natural phenomenon formed by the green, purple and red aurora that can be seen at high altitudes in the Northern Hemisphere. It is the result of a complex interaction between the Sun and the Earth.

Solar radiation is absorbed by the Earth’s atmosphere and converted into solar fuel particles. These particles are attracted to the Earth’s magnetic fields, where they meet atmospheric gases.

The result is aurora light, which shows up as distinct colours from ozone, hydrogen, oxygen and other gases.

How can we see the Aurora Borealis?

Watching the Aurora Borealis is one of nature’s wonders not to be missed. To be able to see this phenomenon, it is important to know what conditions need to be met. The first rule to follow is to be in a place where the sky is well lit but not too crowded and which offers a good view of the stars.

It is also advisable to bear in mind that the periods coinciding with the lunar changes (New Moon to Full Moon and back) are the best times to see the Aurora.

During these periods, the moonlight minimises the amount of light in the atmosphere, increasing your chances of seeing the phenomenon.

What are the environmental effects?

The Aurora Borealis can have a significant effect on the environment, particularly on electricity. The Aurora affects the geomagnetic position and magnetic field changes. This effect can influence the transmission of electricity, causing disruptions and disturbances in power grids.

The Aurora Borealis can also affect radio activity, both in navigation and communication mode. The Aurora also has an impact on the atmosphere through its particle emissions which can lead to changes in precipitation and other climate changes.

This effect can be magnified by the influence of dangerous forms of radiation emitted during the Aurora Borealis.

What are the benefits of observing the Aurora Borealis?

Observing the Aurora Borealis can bring many benefits to those who take part in this spectacular natural phenomenon. These include experiencing a state of extreme calm and tranquillity that is not normally easy to achieve and being able to admire nature in all its splendour.

You will also be able to detach yourself from everyday stress and savour the moment, briefly getting away from your troubles and worries.

It’s also a perfect opportunity for those who love photography or art and can capture spectacular images that will be unforgettable memories.

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