There are some traditions which should be followed to keep the wedding environment feeling special and unique — the green and white is one of them. Wearing the same color as the bride or groom is not viewed as good luck in some cultures.

If the bride and groom are wearing the same color, the guests should try to be different. For example, if the bride is wearing red, the groom should not wear a tuxedo. It’s always good to be different at a wedding.

In terms of wedding etiquette, it is considered in poor taste to match too closely with a wedding party member.

Doing so may look like you are trying to steal the spotlight on the happy occasion. It is considered good etiquette to complement the bride and groom, not copy them.

The trend that is catching up these days is wearing the same color clothes as your spouse or a significant other.

This is a good way of showing your couple status to the entire world. The outfit should be in the same color family and not an exact copy. You can add a small but noticeable detail to make the clothes different.

You can add a small but noticeable detail to make the clothes different.

It is said that in fashion, everything old is new again. But what do you do when it comes to something as permanent as wedding attire? Wearing complementary colors is still a tradition in weddings, especially for the bride and groom.

For example, when the bride wears white, the groom wears black. It’s all about the pleasing contrast, and how happy it makes the bride. The groom should avoid wearing white tie-up shoes, because it will make him look clownish, and ruin the moment for the bride.

It is usually not a good idea for a couple to wear the same color suit or dress at a wedding ceremony.

It wouldn’t be that big of a deal if the wedding was a casual one, but if it is a formal wedding, then wearing the same color would be completely unacceptable.

It is not a good idea because it would make the wedding more about them and less about the bride and groom. It is also considered bad luck to wear matching colors to a wedding.

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