A healthy diet is based on fresh produce that comes off the scales. It is rich in fruit, pulses, nuts and seeds and quality vegetable oils, with small amounts of animal products, except dairy and fish. Doctors are also quick to remind those who want to be healthy which products to avoid.

Carbonated drinks

Regular or diet, with or without caffeine, they provide no nutrients, only dangerous additives. And non-nutritive sweeteners are not neutral and can lead to insulin disorders. Prefer water.

Raw or lightly cooked meat

Especially for those with cancer or immune system problems, a sushi or a bloody burger can be dangerous.

Raw or undercooked meat poses a high risk of bacteria, which can attack the most vulnerable.

Breakfast cereals

Processed flour products include most breakfast cereals, breads, crackers and pastries. Processed or refined flour (including that which claims to be whole grain) has a high glycaemic index and increases blood glucose. Over time, it can impair metabolism and contribute to obesity.

Processed meat

Bacon, sausages, sausages – they’re tasty, they make you crave them, but they’re not good for you, so they should only be eaten occasionally because they come with an increased risk of heart disease. What’s more: many of the substances used in the manufacturing process are carcinogenic.


Moderate consumption means one serving a day for women and two for men, and ‘one serving’ means 355ml of beer, 150ml of alcohol or 40ml of spirits. Warning! Moderate consumption is not free from the risks of cardiovascular disease or stroke, diabetes. Nor is there any point in talking about excessive consumption…

Trans fats

The American Heart Association says that artificial trans fats are created when hydrogen is added to vegetable oils to make them more solid (e.g. margarine). They have no nutritional value and are rather poisonous.

Partially hydrogenated fats are often found in pastries, microwave popcorn and more.

Fruit juice

Many of us think that 100% fruit juice is healthy because it has vitamins, but it suddenly increases blood glucose and deprives us of the greatest benefit of fruit: fibre. The fructose it contains, also a form of sugar, makes it more of a sweetened drink in terms of its biochemical effects on the body.

Fruit should be eaten as such.

Refined vegetable oils

They are used for repeated frying, especially in restaurants. They are affected in the process of frequent heating. The better option are natural fats, such as butter, olive oils, in general fats contained naturally in plants and animals.

Processed white bread

Skip sliced white bread when you go to the supermarket. It has minimal nutritional value. It contains little or no fibre and most of the nutrients have been removed in the process of bleaching the flour.


Who doesn’t like something sweet? But if you want younger-looking skin, you’re better off abstaining. Sugar molecules attach themselves to collagen and elastin molecules in a process called glycation. This causes collagen and elastin fibres to lose their firmness and flexibility, contributing to skin ageing.

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