Victoria Falls – Power of Nature

One of the most beautiful wonders of nature, Victoria Falls, is located in Africa, one of the most mysterious places on the planet.

At around 1.7 km long and 108 metres high, the waterfall is in a particularly spectacular setting, offering plenty of opportunities for exploration and entertainment for all who come here.

In this article we will discuss the history and legends surrounding Victoria Falls, the facilities and activities it offers, how to get there and where to find accommodation.


Victoria Falls is one of the most spectacular and enchanting natural landscapes in the world. Located in Zambia, South Africa, the waterfall stretches over a length of 1.7 km and is the largest waterfall in the world.

With a thunderous roar, the waterfall flows into the Zambezi River, facing its own destiny. The scenery is gorgeous and gives people an absolutely stunning panoramic view. The image of the falls changes from season to season, giving visitors something wonderful to see in every season.

For even more magic, the Victoria Falls also offers breathtaking storms that delight visitors with a spectacular show.

History and legend

Victoria Falls, located in southwest Africa, is on the Zambezi River and can be seen from several countries. It is the world’s largest known waterfall and at the same time a wonder of nature.

In the 19th century, European explorers discovered the waterfall and named it Victoria Falls in honour of Queen Victoria. Since its discovery, the waterfall has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, both for those who come from afar to admire its splendour and for those from neighbouring areas.

There are also many legends about Victoria Falls. The most famous of these say that if you walk past the falls, you can feel the peace of mind. It is also said that there are benevolent people there who can guide those who have become lost in their search for the spirit.

Victoria Falls has attracted the brave from around the world since its discovery, and today, the number of visitors coming to see it is increasing. You can hire a boat to take a ride on the river and see the falls from the river, or you can go to one of the viewing platforms and see the falls from a distance.

Whichever way you choose to view Victoria Falls, your experience will be extraordinary. You’ll be awestruck by the power and beauty of this natural wonder, and you’ll be deeply impressed by how much magic lurks behind its fall.

Access and facilities

Victoria Falls is located in central Zambia province and is one of the most famous and photographed waterfalls in the world. Access to the waterfall is easy, with a well-maintained road starting from the town of Livingstone.

To the west of the falls is the luxury resort, The Victoria Falls Hotel, which offers beautiful rooms, spectacular views and a wide range of facilities.

There are also cheaper hotels in the area, such as the Zambezi Sun Hotel and the Royal Livingstone Hotel, which offer guests a comfortable place to stay and opportunities to explore many of the sights in the area.

How to get to the area?

Victoria Falls is located in southern Zimbabwe and is accessible by foot, private car, taxi or bus. From the main town, Bulawayo, the waterfall can be reached by bus. There are also a number of tour organisations that organise trips to the falls, which include accommodation, transport and other facilities.

To reach the falls, you can also take the A5 highway, which connects Bulawayo to Victoria Falls.

For those wishing to visit this natural wonder, there are a number of options for getting there.

Accommodation facilities

Guest arriving to visit Victoria Falls are welcome to enjoy a wide range of accommodation facilities. There are a variety of accommodation options, from dining rooms to campsites.

Locals offer accommodation in private rooms and even whole houses. You can also find cottages set in picturesque locations where you can enjoy the unique view of the impressive waterfalls.

For those who prefer to enjoy the fresh air and the peace and splendour of nature, there are plenty of campsites nearby where you can pitch your tent and enjoy all the pleasures that Victoria Falls has to offer.


Victoria Falls offers plenty of options for entertaining activities and exploration. There are plenty of hiking trails you can explore that offer stunning views of the falls. You can also swim a whale, cycle, raft, canoe or sail on Lake Kariba.

You can also take a bungee jumping or paragliding flight for an extreme thrill. There are also a number of restaurants, bars and clubs where you can enjoy fine snacks while taking in the views.

These offerings also include a variety of organised, group and private tours and excursions where you’ll explore the wildlife around the waterfall.

Activities for everyone

Victoria Falls offers plenty of activities for everyone who visits. Those interested can explore under the cover of the water, hike one of the two walking trails, take boat trips and even enjoy the spectacular views the waterfall has to offer.

There are also plenty of hiking trails where you can see all the beauty this waterfall has to offer.

There are also plenty of other activities that can be experienced here, such as photography or swimming, giving tourists an unforgettable experience.

Season-specific activities

Victoria Falls is the perfect place to enjoy season-specific activities. In both summer and cold season, tourists can do a lot of interesting things. In the warm season, hikes and bike tours around the waterfall can be organised.

There are also plenty of camping, fishing and swimming options. In the cold season, people can try skiing or snowboarding, thus practising extreme sports.

In addition, there are also plenty of hiking and ski touring trails that can be explored. Victoria Falls is a great place to experience the weather and nature.


Victoria Falls is one of nature’s most spectacular wonders. At 108 metres high and 1,700 metres wide, it sits on the Zambezi River straddling the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe.

This spectacle of nature is particularly renowned for Rainbow Falls, a waterfall over which the waters flow in a band of different shades of blue, green and brown. As an ideal destination for aero-tourism, Victoria Falls is an ideal place for photo hunting.

It also offers its visitors the opportunity to enjoy the local flora and fauna as well as the unparalleled beauty of rafting and kayaking.

However, Victoria Falls can be a dangerous location if not visited responsibly.

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