SEO provides a long-term, sustainable way to get leads or sales. First you build up your domain authority and then when you have enough authority and links, Google starts to send traffic to your website organically. While PPC is a very powerful way to get leads or sales fast as you are immediately showing up in the top three spots in the search engine results page, but you need to keep an eye on your budget.

For example, if you are paying $5 for each click, it doesn’t make sense to pay more than $50 per lead. Not everybody is a good fit for SEO, so it’s best to test different methods of generating leads or sales and see what works best for your business.

In general, PPC is considered to be much better than SEO, but this is not always the case. PPC can lead to higher search engine rankings and a better quality of visitor (that is, someone who is more likely to purchase).  

SEO is better?

With SEO, you can make your page rank higher in the search engines, but you most likely won’t get a ROI on that traffic. So if you want to rank high in the search engines and get traffic to your site, then PPC is a good option. If you don’t mind how your page ranks, then SEO is a great choice.

SEO and PPC are both effective methods for increasing sales. The main difference is that SEO requires more time and effort, whereas PPC is usually a quicker way to generate leads. PPC has three main advantages over SEO. The first is higher conversion rate. There is no doubt that PPC ads are a lot more effective than organic listings.

PPC is better?

This can be explained by the fact that PPC ads attract people who show real interest in what you are promoting. The second advantage is lower cost of customer acquisition. PPC campaigns tend to be cheaper than SEO because you are only charged for people who are actually interested in your product. The cost of acquisition of an interested visitor is always lower than the cost of sales to an uninterested visitor.

The third advantage is low risk. Even if you spend several thousand dollars on your PPC campaign, you will only pay if people click on your ads. If there is no demand for your product, then you will never pay a dime. On the other hand, if you do not take measures to optimize your SEO, then you will never be found by your potential customers.

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